09.00-10.30 Panel: About Love and Affection Moderator: Esra Engin,Prof., PhD,RN - Leyla Küçük,Prof.,PhD,RN
  Philosophy of Love Esra Engin,Prof., PhD,RN
  The Importance of Love in Human Life Sevgi Nehir,Assoc. Prof., PhD,RN
  The Neurobiology of Love and Affection M. Murat Demet,Prof.,MD
  Dynmacis of Love and Affection Erol Özmen,Prof.,MD
10.30-10.45 BREAK
10.45- 12.00 Panel: Psychosocial Care: Boundaries between Nursing Disciplines in Education, Practice, and Research Moderators: Nazmiye Kocaman Yıldırım,Prof.,PhD,RN - Nesrin Nural,Prof.,PhD,RN
  Internal Medicine Nursing: The Role of Psychosocial Intervention in Education and Research Serap Özer,Assoc. Prof.PhD,RN
  Holistic Care in Clinical Practice: Current Situation, Applied Psychosocial Interventions, Needs, and Suggestions in Internal Medicine Nursing Seçil Beyece İncazlı,Assist. Prof.PhD,RN
  Surgical Diseases Nursing: Surgical Nursing: The Role of Psychosocial Interventions in Education and Research Fatma Demir,Prof.PhD,RN
  Psychiatric Nursing: The Role of Psychosocial Interventions in Education and Research Fatma Öz,Prof.PhD,RN
  Holistic Care in Clinical Practice: Current Situation, Applied Psychosocial Interventions, Needs, and Suggestions in Psychiatric Nursing Nesiba Kalyoncu,MSc,RN
12.00-13.00 BREAK
13.00- 14.30 Panel: Therapeutic Approaches in Special Children Moderators: Nermin Gürhan,Prof.,PhD,RN - Nalan Gördeles Beşer,Assoc. Prof.PhD,RN
  Trauma in Children – CBT Approaches to Criminal Susceptibility Celale Tangül Özcan,Prof.PhD,RN
  Family Counselling for Children with Disabilities Çiğdem Yüksel,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Children Adolescents with Mood Disorders – Family Relations, differential diagnosis, Consultancy Neslihan Emiroğlu,Prof.,PhD,RN
14.30-14.45 BREAK
14.45-16.15 Panel: Risk Management in Psychiatric Nursing Moderators: Besti Üstün,Prof.,PhD,RN - Ayşe Okanlı,Prof.PhD,RN
  Risk Management in Psychiatric Nursing Selma Doğan,Prof.,PhD,RN
  Risk Management in Suicide Fatma Ayhan,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Risk Management in Aggression Candan Terzioğlu,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
16.15-16.30 BREAK
16.30- 18.00 Panel: Psychiatric Nursing in Preventive Mental Health Services Moderators: Songül Duran,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN - Duygu Hiçdurmaz,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Mental Health Literacy Neşe Mercan,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Reasons for Lack of Primary Preventive Mental Health Services in Turkey Sibel Kurtar,RN
  What We Do As Community Health Nurses? Gülten Güleşen,MSc,RN
  Telepsychiatric Services in Preventive Mental Health Practices Birgül Özkan,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
18.00-18.15 BREAK
18.15-19.45 Conference: From Theory to Practice in Psychiatric Nursing Moderators: Gülşen Terakye,Prof.,PhD,RN - Gülseren Keskin,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Application Information Based on Roy Adaptation Model Callista Roy,Prof.,RN,PhD,FAAN
  Kolcaba's Theory of Comfort Katharine Kolcaba, Prof.,PhD,RN, - April Bice,Assist. Prof,PhD,CPNP,RN
10.45- 12.00 Bilateral Conference: Biological Aspects of Mental Illness Moderators: Hülya Arslantaş,Prof.,PhD,RN - Neslihan Günüşen,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Understanding Psychiatric Diseases Ali Saffet Gönül,Prof.,MD
  Biological Psychiatry and Psychiatric Nursing Burcu Özkul,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
12.00-13.00 BREAK
13.00- 14.30 Panel: LGBTIQ+ and Sexual Health Moderators: Hülya Bilgin,Prof.,PhD,RN - Latife Utaş Akhan,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Basic Concepts and Reassignment Process in Gender Dysphoria Aslıhan Polat Işık,Prof.,PhD,RN
  Roles of Psychiatric Nurse in Gender Reassignment Process Mehtap Güngör Çağlar,MSc,RN
  Working with LGBTIQ+ and Their Families Nezaket Kaya,MD,Psychotherapist
14.30-14.45 BREAK
14.45-16.15 Panel: Culture-Specific Evaluation in Chronic Mental Illnesses Moderators:Ayşegül Dönmez,Prof.,PhD,RN - Meral Kelleci,Prof.,PhD,RN
  Use of Culture-Specific Scales in Serious Mental Disorders (Social Functioning, Internalized Stigma, and Subjective Recovery) Mustafa Yıldız,Prof.,MD
  Case Management Model in Individuals with Serious Mental Disorders Aysel İncedere,MSc,RN
  Use of the Camberwell's "Needs Assessment Short Form" and "Self-Report Form" in Individuals with Chronic Disorder Zekiye Çetinkaya Duman,Prof.,PhD,RN
16.15-16.30 BREAK
16.30- 18.00 Oral Presentations Moderators:Derya Tanrıverdi,Prof.,PhD,RN - Nurhan Eren,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Oral Presentations Moderators:Döndü Çuhadar,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN - Funda Gümüş,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Oral Presentations Moderators: Funda Kavak Budak,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN - Selma Sabancıoğulları,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
10.45-12.00 Alternative Ways to Heal the Soul and the Body in the Covid-19 Pandemic Moderators: Havva Tel,Prof.,PhD,RN - Nezihe Uğurlu,Prof.,PhD,RN
  Spirit Strengthening the Soul with Mindfullness Arzu Yüksel,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Progressive Relaxation and Breathing Techniques Emel Bahadır Yılmaz,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  A Soft Touch to the Soul with Yoga and Meditation Hilal Seki Öz,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Physical Activity and Spiritual Healing Didem Ayhan,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
12.00-13.00 BREAK
13.00- 14.30 Panel: Psychodynamic Bases of Art: Imaginary Stories of the Psyche in Psychosis Moderators: Gönül Özgür,Prof.,PhD,RN - Leyla Baysan Arabacı,Prof.,PhD,RN
  Symbolization in Psychotic Art Nurhan Eren,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Projective Content of Art Oya Çelik Aypak,Clinical Psychologist
  How the Brain Creates ? Songün Uçar İşaret,RN,Social Worker
  The Integrative Power of Art in Psychosis: A Case Report Ruhsar Kuşaklıoğlu,Clinical Psychologist
14.30-14.45 BREAK
14.45-16.15 Panel: Covid-19 as An Universal Trauma Moderators: Çaylan Pektekin,Prof.,PhD,RN - Fatma Öz,Prof.,PhD,RN
  A Positive Value Arising from Trauma: The Greater Appreciation of Life Esin Cerit,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
  The Struggle to Be Connected In Disconnecting Times: Relatives Experiences during Covid-19 Bart Debyser,Dr.
  The Harm of The Burnout Syndrome among Hospital Nurses and the Pathways of Prevention and Treatment Zlatina Georgieva,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Improving Mental Health in the Pandemic Bülent Coşkun,Prof. MD
16.15-16.30 BREAK
16.30- 18.00 Oral Presentations Moderators: Ebru Akgün Çıtak,Prof.,PhD,RN - Neslihan Özcan,Prof.,PhD,RN
  Oral Presentations Moderators: Semra Karaca,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN - Aysel Karaca,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Oral Presentations Moderators:Aysun Babacan Gümüş,Prof.PhD,RN - Arzu Yıldırım,Prof.Ph.RN