09.00- 10.30 Ph.D. Thesis Oral Presentations Moderators:Zekiye Çetinkaya Duman,Prof.,PhD,RN - Birgül Özkan,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
Ph.D. Thesis Oral Presentations Moderators: Gönül Özgür,Prof.,PhD,RN - Satı Demir,Prof.,PhD,RN
10.30-10.45 BREAK
10.45-12.15 Oral Presentations Moderators:Çiğdem Yüksel,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN - Sevgi Nehir,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
12.15-13.00 BREAK
13.00-14.30 Panel: Coming Together with Young Research Assistants: Our Overseas Experiences Moderators: Kadriye Buldukoğlu,Prof.,PhD,RN - Arzu Yüksel,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Postdoctoral Research Experience That Couldn't Go in the Pandemic Gül Dikeç,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Research Experience of Postdoctoral End of Life Care at the University of Glasgow Çiğdem Fulya Dönmez,PhD,RN
  Experience of University of Sydney Brain and Mind Research Center Burcu Özkul,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
  A Research Assistant's Journey: From the Known to the Unknown Gizem Şahin,RA,PhD,RN
  Education and Career Opportunities with European Union Grant Programs Fatma Susam Özsayın,MSc,RN
14.30-14.45 BREAK
14.45-16.00 Association Subcommittee Activity Presentations Moderators:Fatma Öz,Prof.,PhD,RN - Esra Engin,Prof.,PhD,RN
16.15-18.00 Closing Ceremony  
Specify that Center to Organize the Next Congress
Closing Speechs
09.00-10.30 Oral Presentations Moderators: Satı Dil,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN - Kerime Bademli,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
10.30-10.45 BREAK
10.45-12.15 Oral Presentations Moderators: Emel Bahadır Yılmaz,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN - Gül Dikeç,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
12.15-13.00 BREAK
13.00-14.30 Panel: Reflections of Model and Theory Use on Psychiatric Nursing Research Moderators: M. Olcay Çam,Prof.,PhD,RN - Ayça Gürkan,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Clinical Use of Roy Adaptation Theory Dilek Ayakdaş,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Community Mental Health Use Case of Roy Adaptation Theory Satı Doğan,Assoc. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Clinical Usage Example of Tidal Model Ayşegül Savaşan,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN
  Community Mental Health Use Case of the Tidal Model Emel Öztürk Turgut,RA,PhD,RN
  Clinical Usage Example of Watson Model Pınar Tektaş,Assist. Prof.,PhD,RN