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Dear Colleagues,

We are such honoured to invite you to VI International X National Psychiatric Nursing Congress which will be held by Ege University Nursing Faculty Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Department and Psychiatric Nursing Association as online 20 th -23th October, 2021.

This year, with the main theme of "THE SONG OF THE SOULS HEALS AND UNITES IN LOVE", we aim to share the experiences of national and international health professionals and to examine the therapeutic components of the relationship from past to present which are the greatest legacy to us and which we believe that there will be the most powerful transfer for the future. As psychiatric nurses, we have always cared about the value of humanism in our historical process, emphasizing the importance of all kinds of professional initiatives to improve and maintain mental health. With the healing power of love as professionals who live in our relations with each other, in our professional unity; we will be happy to be together in our congress where we will explore our theme with conferences and panels and enrich it with courses and working groups.

We invite you to share, learn and meet with love at our congress.


Prof. Esra ENGİN, PhD
Congress Co-President

Prof. Fatma ÖZ, PhD
Congress Co-President